510 (No Bumper) tow hook (either side)

$125.00 USD - $150.00 USD

Functional track day ready tow hook. Perfect for recovering your car from an off-track excursion. Stylish design that doesn't distract from the clean lines of the 510 front end. 2" x 1.5" oval opening.

A lowered 510 w/ an air dam is nearly impossible to reach an effective front tow point without damage. Should fit all 68-73 models. Only for cars running no front bumper.

Machined in the USA from aircraft grade high strength 7075 aluminum. Includes two new longer 10.9 rated flange head bolts and washers for easy installation.

Disclaimer: Not intended for all towing/tiedown situations, straight pulls only, severe side loading and abuse will lead to possible failure and vehicle damage.