Billet turn stalks

  • Billet turn stalks
  • Billet turn stalks
  • Billet turn stalks
  • Billet turn stalks
  • Billet turn stalks

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Custom designed turn signal stalk to replace the boring OEM bar stalk. CNC machined in the USA from solid billet 6061 aluminum. Designed for a direct replacement with the OEM part. 3D machined toolpaths with a smooth flowing shape. Both S30 and 510 versions designed for better placement with the common smaller (350mm) aftermarket steering wheels .

Tumbled finish with three options:
Clear Anodized
Black Anodized

510 version may fit other models such as 520, 620 etc if it uses the same design.
S30 version fits 240z, 260z and 280z

510 version is about 1" shorter.
S30 version is about 5/8" shorter.

Both should sit about 2.5" behind a Momo 1" dish wheel on a Momo hub. Flat wheels and dished wheels may vary your results.

Install notes:

510 version:
Easy swap, there is a roll pin that must be tapped out. Once you remove the arm there is a small detent ball and spring that must be swapped over to new arm. Reinstall original roll pin.

S30 version:
More difficult swap. Arm is held on with a loose pin that has one end smashed flat. You'll have to remove this pin. Best to remove turn stalk assembly from car and carefully Dremel the smashed end off with a small cut-off wheel. Once pin is removed, just swap a small spring and brass plunger in the end over to the new arm and reinstall with provided new stainless shoulder bolt and lock nut.