PORSCHE 992 cup holder for (4 way) manual seat

$159.00 USD - $179.00 USD

Porsche 992 cup holder designed specific for cars with the manual slider seats (4 way sports plus). Solves the issue of nowhere to stow a large beverage in the 992. This mounts to an existing M8 bolt on the passenger (RIGHT) seat frame. The best part is that it moves with the seat so if you slide or raise the seat it stays perfectly spaced off the seat. Fits most all tapered bottom yeti, stanley, thermos mugs and cups. Approx 3"+ tapered opening. CNC machined from 6061. Raw aluminum finish.

*** Fitment only on the 2020+ 992 with sport plus 4 way seats.***

Black anodized version AND Raw aluminum in stock.

NEW RHD version. UK and Japan market. This is designed for LEFT seat mounting. Could be used in a US LHD car but you will be limited to shorter cups. Only bare finish on this style for now.