Titanium ignition bezel replacement S30 510

$70.00 USD

Ignition bezel for 510 and S30. Direct replacement. CNC machined from solid 6-4 grade 5 titanium. Outside is lathe turned with crisp engraved labels.

Bare finish.

Requires careful removal of the OEM crimped on sheetmetal cover. This replacement is a snug press fit to install.

Designed to fit the OEM 510 and S30 ignition. L or R orientation is possible by just how you install. Flip it for the opposite side.

Note: It will fit the common aftermarket 'car show' X1 key ignition. Requires some slight filing to install, these tend to be slightly oversized/egg shaped on the diameter that the bezel fits over.

Waves engraved version sold exclusively via Lonely Driver Company